What are the benefits of vaccination for children?

Vaccination is very effective and very important for the protection and good health of our children. So what are its benefits? This will give the benefits of vaccination in the lives of children.

It protects them from deadly diseases

Vaccination is a protection against a potential infectious disease. It is the administration of a vaccine, an antigenic agent, to stimulate the immune system of a living organism to develop adaptive immunity to an infectious agent. Thus, it provides children with personal protection against life-threatening diseases. Indeed, the aim of vaccination is to provide the child with specific protection against a pathogen, so as to avoid infection and its consequences in the event of subsequent contact. To this end, deadly diseases such as: whooping cough; measles; tetanus; meningococcus; etc. are nowadays treated and eliminated by vaccines. Many infectious diseases are nowadays very rare thanks to vaccination, so that their negative consequences are sometimes forgotten.

It eliminates some infections

In addition to protecting against deadly diseases, vaccination also eliminates certain infections in children. Indeed, vaccination eliminates infections such as: poliomyelitis in several continents; diphtheria in France; rubella in several countries; etc., while reducing their morbidity and mortality due to vaccine prevention. It even went so far as to eradicate them, as in the case of smallpox in the late 1970s. Thus, without its intervention, these infections could cause serious health problems, permanent handicaps and even lead to the death of affected children. Hundreds of millions of children around the world are therefore vaccinated every year to protect them from these serious infections, and if they were to stop being vaccinated during their childhood, these infections could reappear. According to the WHO, immunisation saves 2 to 3 million children’s lives worldwide each year. In sum, it is important to remember that vaccination is essential for the monitoring and good health of our children.